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That Girly Stuff: Did you skank your way to the top?


I saw on SDN this thread on what to wear on rotations and to be fair it was from 04, but everyone was horrible and they all just pretty much were saying all women were skanky looking unprofessional sluts who use looks and sex to get ahead like wow i get everyone should be dressed appropriately but do people really think women can’t earn their professionalism by hard work? - Anon

First of all,



Sounds to me like the dudebros that were writing on that thread have very little respect for their female colleagues. 


It doesn’t matter that it was written 10 years ago. Someone probably wrote or said the same thing yesterday. But let’s be clear: you don’t get into medical school on cleavage and legs. You get in and get through on hard work, brains, and a touch of personality. Those women earned their place in medical school. It wasn’t traded to them for sex. If anything, they may have had to work harder than their male counterparts just so people would respect more than just their figures.


Regardless of how the women were dressed, it sounds like the guys are jealous that they’re not getting all the attention. Heaven forbid a guy have to work hard and go the extra mile to be noticed and appreciated.


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